AGROTAIN® Nitrogen Stabiliser

Most farmers are aware that nitrogen in urea can be lost as ammonia through volatilisation – this is quite literally their fertiliser investment disappearing into thin air. Australian trial data indicates farmers who top dress with urea can lose up to 40% of their nitrogen fertiliser to the atmosphere through volatilisation. At retail prices of $500 a tonne for urea applied on-farm, volatilisation could result in losses of up to $200/t. AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser protects surface-applied urea against ammonia volatilisation and can dramatically reduce losses of nitrogen to the atmosphere.Read more


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AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser

AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser is a liquid concentrate sold through approved distributors to treat urea. It includes a urease inhibitor to delay hydrolysis of urea into N forms that may be lost to the atmosphere.

NEXEN™ fertiliser

NEXEN™ fertiliser is urea pre-treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser and is ready for application straight onto the paddock. NEXEN™ is a high-quality, uniform, granular nitrogen fertiliser that is robust and spreads well.


Benefits and how to use AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser

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