Warm, humid, high trash conditions which are perfect for growing cane are also the worst conditions for nitrogen loss.

It simply makes good sense to save your nitrogen by treating urea with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser when top‑dressing.

Urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser is helping the cane industry find new ways to maintain productivity in an environmentally responsible management system.

Urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser can be applied sub-surface as recommended in the BSES 6 Easy Steps to effective fertiliser application for cane. This can reduce the risk of volatilisation associated with inadequate soil coverage or contact with crop trash. 

Trial data

In Australian cane crops the average NH3 (ammonia gas) emissions from fertilisers has been estimated at up to 40% of the applied N depending on whether N is injected or surface applied9.

Trials by the University of Melbourne on sugarcane trash showed that urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser reduced NH3 volatilisation by 46% at 35˚ and 73% at 25˚C when compared to untreated urea, making it an effective nitrogen-loss mitigation tool for the sugarcane industry.

Yield Benefits

Field studies from around the world have consistently shown that urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser delivers higher cane yields than untreated urea in both new and ratoon crops. 

For example, a two-year field study was conducted on ratoon cane in the silty clay soils of Louisiana10 where the residue blanket was burned.

At a nitrogen rate of 101 kg/ha, urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser delivered 10t/ha more cane than areas fertilised at the same rate using untreated urea.

  • View Koch's 'Nitrogen Loss Stinks!' e-booklet or download the pdf version here for for more details of Australian trial data and yield improvements achieved around the world with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser.

  • Neither the individual researchers referred to, nor their respective universities, endorse the products mentioned herein.

9 Suter et al, citing Denmead, 1990.

10 Hallmarl et at., 2000. Effect of combine resudue management and a nitrogen stabilization package on first stubble sugarcane yields.