Koch Fertiliser Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Fertilizer, LLC. Together, Koch Fertilizer, LLC, and its subsidiaries comprise one of the world’s largest supply, storage and distribution systems of commodity and enhanced efficiency fertiliser products.

As a major global player in fertiliser, Koch has access to an industry-leading  research and development group, on‑staff Ph.D. chemists and agronomists, all working to ensure farmers have access to high-performance products.

Koch Fertiliser Australia is currently undertaking further field work to assess the yield improvement that can be achieved through this saving.

Koch Fertiliser Australia is distributing liquid AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser in bulk for urea treatment at approved dealers.

Koch Fertilisers Australia is also distributing NEXEN™ fertiliser, which is urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser.

Both products are available for bulk delivery from Brisbane and Geelong.

Koch’s transparent, market-driven pricing policy will ensure that NEXEN™ fertiliser is available at current market prices plus the AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser product premium.

The Koch Fertiliser Australia team is working closely with a range of approved dealers to ensure wide availability to farmers.

Ask your fertiliser dealer for urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser.