Many farmers depend on agronomists for agricultural expertise.

Understanding ammonia volatilisation can protect valuable nitrogen from disappearing into thin air.

Australian trial data shows farmers who top dress with urea can lose up to 40% of their nitrogen application to the atmosphere through volatilisation. At retail prices of $500 a tonne for urea applied on-farm, volatilisation could result in losses of up to $200/t.

AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser protects surface-applied...


As a fertiliser distributor, it's important to have the facts at your fingertips to answer questions from farmers about the performance of AGROTAIN® nitogren stabiliser in Australian conditions.

To assist our approved distributors, Koch Fertiliser Australia has prepared a summary of key Fertiliser Facts about the value and benefits users can expect from AGROTAIN® nitogren stabiliser and NEXEN™ fertiliser.

Australian research regarding the reduction in the loss of N due to volatilis...