NEXEN™ fertiliser secures nitrogen investment in Aus crops - 8 July 2013

Australian farmers can now protect their urea fertiliser investment against the cost of nitrogen loss to the atmosphere, with the release of NEXEN™ fertiliser – Powered by AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser – a product designed to improve urea efficiency, reduce waste and promote crop growth.

Australian trial data has shown that farmers who top-dress their crops and pastures with urea may lose up to 40 per cent of their nitrogen application to their atmosphere through a chemical reaction kn...

AGROTAIN® delivers urea savings in cotton - 7 November 2013

Australian cotton growers can now side-dress their crops with confidence, knowing that they have a tool at hand to minimise nitrogen wastage and at the same time potentially bolster their yields through more efficient nitrogen use.

AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser protects surface-applied urea against ammonia volatilisation and can dramatically reduce the loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere.

Australian trial data shows farmers that top-dress with urea can lose up to 40 per cent of thei...