Lost nitrogen is not only a waste of money, it comes with the additional cost of reduced crop production – if you’ve lost nitrogen to the atmosphere as ammonia, then soil nitrogen levels can be below the optimum point for maximum plant response.

AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser protects surface-applied urea against volatilisation, with Australian research showing that AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser can reduce volatilisation of ammonia from surface applied urea by up to 70% or more, depending on the environmental conditions.

AGROTAIN® stabiliser products have been tested in hundreds of studies across the globe.

Here in Australia, AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser has been tested in a range of conditions by respected research agencies including the University of Melbourne and the CSIRO.

Trials in Australia have been conducted across a range of rainfall patterns, temperatures and soil types.

AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser has also been tested locally for performance in the grain, dairy and cane industries, while extensive international trials have proven the suitability of AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser for use on cotton and rice.

AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser contains the only urease inhibitor recognised worldwide as being effective in reducing nitrogen loss and improving fertiliser efficiency.

Koch Fertiliser Australia Pty Ltd is currently undertaking further field work to assess the yield improvement that can be achieved through these nitrogen savings.

  • Neither the individual researchers referred to, nor their respective universities, endorse the products mentioned herein.