USING AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser

Using urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser allows farmers to apply nitrogen when it suits the crop and workload, rather than being reliant on the weather.

This increases the number of available spreading days before rain by up to 10 days depending on factors including temperature and soil types.

Delivers in all temperatures

Volatilisation is not just an issue in warm climates – in fact, the amount of nitrogen lost through volatilisation can be as high as 44% at soil temperatures of less than 5˚C depending on weather conditions1.

Research conducted during winter on North America’s Great Plains found cumulative NH3 losses from surface applied urea averaged 20.5% of applied N across 12 trial sites.

The largest losses (30–44% of applied N) occurred when urea was applied to high-water-content soil surfaces, followed by a period of slow drying with little or no precipitation.

The research found that urea treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser reduced the cumulative NH3 losses by 66%, with volatilisation protection lasting up to three weeks on acidic soils.

  • View Koch's 'Nitrogen Loss Stinks!' e-booklet or download the pdf version here for more details of Australian and international trial data and yield improvements achieved around the world with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser.

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Ammonia Volatilization from Urea and Mitigation by NBPT Following Surface Application to Cold Soils. Authors: R. Engel, C. Jones, R. Wallander, Dep. of Land Resources and Environmental Science, Montana State University.